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Cycling with your dog in a dog bicycle basket; here's what you need to consider!

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Cycling with your dog in a dog bicycle basket; here's what you need to consider!

Cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and immediately get some much-needed exercise. Riding your bike with your dog makes it even more fun. Going to the woods or beach, or just out and about to explore the area. 


However, not every dog is fit enough to run alongside your bike. Fortunately, there are awesome bike baskets to take your four-legged friend on the bike with you, so you can enjoy the ride together! But what to consider when choosing the right dog bicycle basket? Here are a few tips.


In front or at the back?

A dog bike basket in front is very cozy; it's nice to be able to see your doggie enjoying itself! These baskets are especially suitable for small dogs. More than 5 kilos on your handlebars makes you less maneuverable. Choosing a basket on the back is safer when the load is heavier. This ensures better stability because your dog's weight will be closer to the center of gravity of your bike. A basket on the back is also the best choice for an active dog. So you can enjoy an excellent bike ride together! 


At Basil, we feature various dog bicycle baskets for front and rear mounting.


How big or how small? 

We have different baskets for different sizes for our four-legged friends. The weight of your dog is the primary factor. Before purchasing, check how many kilograms the basket is rated for. There are dog baskets from 5 kg to about 15 kg available. Besides the weight, it is also essential that your dog can sit and lie down comfortably. And it would be nice to place a soft cushion in the basket. 


For most baskets, the dimensions are well indicated. Would you rather try out a basket before you buy? Just check the Basil website to find a dealer near you


Safety and mounting

Safety is the first concern when you want to go cycling with your faithful friend. Do you have an agile or easily frightened puppy? Then opt for a wire dome over the basket and a leash to keep your pup safe. Be sure to check if this option is available when purchasing your dog basket. The mounting of the basket is also important. Ideally, a sound mounting system is available for the basket. Basil's baskets can be attached with the MIK system. This mounts the basket safely and securely on your bike with a single click! 


Electric or conventional bicycle?

Most baskets can be mounted on both conventional and electric bikes. Just be aware of the weight; most electric bikes can carry up to 25 kg on the luggage carrier. You will also want an excellent click system to attach the basket so the frame will not get damaged. 



There are several materials to choose from, including rattan, wicker, and plastic. Each material has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to choose a material that suits you and your puppy. The most popular baskets at the moment are generally plastic baskets, which are durable and easy to clean.  


With these tips in mind, you and your dog can start to enjoy all the beauty your region has to offer, safe and secure.

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