Basil Bike Bags, Bike Baskets & Bike Baskets for Dogs
1 Sales Information
1.1 Where can in find a specific Basil product I’m looking for?

Check out our points of sale. Our advice is to simply call the nearest store owner selling Basil products to see if they stock the one you’re looking for. Even if they don’t have it in their inventory at that moment in time, they can order the product to ensure it’s in stock at very short notice.

1.2 How do I receive a Basil sales brochure?

Our brochure is available from a Basil dealer, or available for download at:

1.3 Where can I find a Basil dealer?

Check out these  Basil-dealers to find a vendor that sells our products.

2 Animal Bike Baskets
2.1 What weight can the Pluto dog basket and Pasja bike basket carry?

Both our Pluto and Pasja dog baskets have a maximum load capacity of 15kg. However, any luggage carrier needs to be able to bear a load of at least 15kg. This information is usually stamped on the carrier itself.

2.2 Does Basil have front and rear dog bicycle baskets?

Basil does indeed have dog bike baskets for front attachment at the handlebars and dog bike baskets that can be attached at the back atop the luggage carrier.

On the back of a bike:

Our PASJA dog bike baskets are available in three sizes:

  • smallest size = base size (L) 40cm x (W) 32 cm front height 14cm rear height 29cm
  • middle size = base size (L) 45cm x (W) 37cm front height 23cm rear height 31cm
  • largest size = base size (L) 50cm x (W) 42cm front height 32cm rear height 33cm
  • A matching mesh dome is available for each size. This optional extra attaches to the Pasja basket with the SENNA mounting system. The SENNA system fits on racks with a maximum             width of 15cm and a minimum width of 13cm. The two outer brackets have three openings that        allow you to adjust the width slightly with the use of an Allen key.

On the front of the bike:

  • PLUTO dog basket (50 x 37 x 20cm) an optional wire dome is available for the Basil Pluto XL. However, there must be sufficient space available (approximately 30cm height) on a RONDE handlebar stem on which the EDO holder is also mounted. Never mount directly on the stem.
2.3 How much space must there be between the steering head and frame in order to attach the PLUTO 53006?

There must be sufficient space (30mm approx height) on a RONDE stem holder on which the EDO holder is mounted. Never mount directly on the stem.

  • Smallest size = base size (L) 40cm x (W 32cm front height 14cm rear height 29 cm
  • middle size = base size (L) 45cm x (W) 37cm front height 23 cm rear height 31cm

large size = base size (L) 50cm x (W) 42cm front height 32cm rear height 33cm

2.4 How do I attach the Pluto or Pasja dome to the basket?

The dome comes with a plastic bag which contains three straps and a wooden component. Two of the straps are intended to act as hinges on one side. On the other side of the basket, with a protruding arch in the middle, a third strap is inserted. Then, carefully use a screwdriver on the outside of the basket, creating some space to allow the third strap to thread through. Once this is done, close the clasp and put the wooden spool through it.

3 Maximum load capacity
3.1 How many kilos can I carry with me?

If the panniers are mounted according to assembly instructions correctly, the load capacity is as follows:

  • Single panniers: 5 kilos
  • Double panniers: 10 kilos (5 kilos per side)

If the basket is properly installed according to instructions, maximum loads of 5 kilos are allowable for the following:

  • Basimply EC
  • Basimply EC Flower
  • Basimply II
  • Basimply Wicker
  • Basimply Rattan look
  • Berlin Luxe II
  • Berlin EC
  • Berlin EC Flower
  • Bremen

Maximum loads of 10 kilos are allowable for:

  • Boston XL

The Boston XL basket must be mounted according to the mounting instructions (with mounting bracket on the steering head and front fork bracket resting on the front axle). The basket cannot be used in combination with a suspension fork.

4 When it rains...
4.1 Are Basil’s bags waterproof?

All our bags have a water-repellent inner layer. However, you should be aware that this isn’t the same as being 100% waterproof. With most panniers, water can still get into the interior of the bag. For example, if a lid/flap hasn’t been property positioned, water can intrude during a heavy rainfall. However, moisture can also penetrate stitching and along seams, for example.

After 100% waterproof bags? Then take a look at our specially designed 100% waterproof panniers.

5 Mounting Options
5.1 I want to be able to switch between a bicycle bag and a bicycle basket at the front of my bike. Is that possible?

Do you have a Basil pannier that you attach to your bike with the BasEasy system? The following baskets will fit with it: Basimply EC, Basimply EC Flower, Basimply II, Basimply Wicker, Basimply Rattan Look.

5.2 The vertical tube underneath my handlebar (stem) is very thick. Is there a suitable basket or bag with stem holder available?

Yes. All baskets and bags suitable for use with the BasEasy system can be mounted on stems measuring from 22mm to 44mm.

The holder is supplied as standard for stems of 22-26mm. For thicker stems, we supply separate stainless steel parts for the following size:

  • for 30mm (for product no. 70110)
  • for 31-35mm (for product no 70111)
  • for 36-40mm (fort product no. 70112)

Minimum height required for the holder on the stem is 38mm. On most bikes, the handlebar can be raised a little, allowing for more space for the stem.

5.3 Can I find assembly instructions online?

Yes, for some products, assembly instructions are available online. If the manual you are looking for is not available on our website yet, we can send it to you, free of charge. To request a manual, email your information to [email protected]

5.4 How do I know if my basket or pannier will fit on my handlebar?

With each product, you’ll find information outlining which system you will require to mount the product of your choice on your bike. You can also read whether or not the mounting system is included with the product itself or whether you need to purchase this separately. Generally speaking, these mounting systems can be used on any bicycle.

Basil’s handlebar panniers and handlebar bike baskets are fitted with a plate that fits on two systems:

  1. BasEasy from Basil
  2. Klick ficx system

Basil has the following mounting systems:

  • Clever System
  • Basil WSL
  • Basil Flex System
  • Basil Bassolid
  • MIK
  • Basco
  • Cento System
  • Basil Senna System (dog bike basket)
  • Edo system (dog bike basket)

Tip: ask your bicycle dealer about all possibilities available.

6 Maintenance of Basil panniers, bike baskets and bike crates
6.1 Maintenance of waterproof panniers

Found yourself caught in the rain while cycling? Not to worry. Simply let your bag dry in a ventilated, and preferably heated, area to ensure it dries thoroughly. If you leave your pannier in an unventilated and cold space, there is a high chance moisture will remain within the material of your bag. Therefore, it’s advised you always use your pannier properly.

6.2 How do I clean my pannier?

Never put your pannier in the washing machine. Instead, let it soak in soapy water and hand wash with a non-aggressive detergent. Once that’s done, allow it to dry in a well ventilated room.

7 Bicycles with child seat and single/double bags
7.1 Which double pannier fits my carrier with child seat?

By using the Basil carrier extender (70119, “Basil Carrier Extender long”), any double pannier can be combined with a child seat.

The extender allows the double bag to be mounted further back on the bike, ensuring the feet of the seat no longer make contact with the bag. Most seats are mounted on the same frame tube with a holder (Bobike, GMG Yepp, Polisport, Quibl), while there are also seats that are mounted directly on the luggage carrier itself. In the latter case, it’s possible that you might experience some assembly problems as the extender can’t be used because of the construction of the seat itself.

8 Warranty
8.1 Where can I make a complaint or raise a question about my warranty?

Do you have a complaint or question regarding a warranty on your Basil product? Take the product in question back to the vendor who sold it to you, along with your proof of purchase. An online retailer is also obliged to deal with your complaint. Can’t resolve your issue at the point of sale? Then contact us:

Ettenseweg 7A 
7071 AA 
Ulft, Nederland 
[email protected] 
031 5 632 222

8.2 What about bicycle accessories made from natural materials such as rattan/willow?

The basket is made of 100% natural material. This not only gives the basket a beautiful look but it is also environmentally friendly, lightweight and yet strong. We choose the best organic rattan and willow varieties but it remains a natural product. This means that the material is sensitive to weather conditions. For example, if the basket stays outside and stand in the shade and rain, a green deposit may develop and the basket could perish faster (tip: we therefore advise you not to transport your stuff (with light colors) unprotected in the basket). But if the basket stays too long in the bright sunlight, the material may become brittle. For this reason we cannot guarantee the material. What we do guarantee is the weave and construction so that with normal maintenance and use you can enjoy the basket for a long time.

9 Press Information
9.1 Can I request high-resolution photos?

Looking for high-resolution images? Do you have another press-related question? Then contact Basil’s PR department at [email protected] or call on (+31) (0) 315-632222.