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Basil Organiser - black

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  • Basil Organiser - black
  • Basil Organiser - black
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The Basil Organiser is designed for notebooks up to 15.6 inches and comes in classic black. The organiser provides optimal protection for your notebook and makes it easy to go anywhere with your favourite bit of tech.
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  • Thoughtful design
  • Fashionable design
  • High quality
  • Since 1976

The Basil Organiser is a handy accessory for storing your notebook and taking it along with you on bike rides. If you ride a bike to the office or station daily, this organiser provides ample protection for your favourite tech accessory, ensuring your iPad, tablet or notebook stays in tiptop condition. With the Basil Organiser, you can always count on expensive equipment remaining well protected, however long you’re on the road. This organiser boasts a sturdy construction with durable polyester housing and comes with a variety of accessories to ensure all those odds and ends are well housed. For example, you can easily organise cables and attachments, meaning you’re favourite gadget is good to go in moments. This organiser is particularly well partnered with the Basil Urban Dry Business Bag. Looking for a stylish piece of storage to transport your notebook, tablet or laptop around with ease? The Basil Organiser is just what you’re looking for. A stylish choice and incredibly affordable, it’ll get you and your gadgetry to where you need to be in one piece. After more essential accessories you can use while on the road? Browse the complete range today online at Basil.


  • This padded organiser is suitable for notebooks measuring up to 15.6 inches.
  • This bag is equipped with accessory compartments and features useful handles.
  • The Basil Organiser is made of polyester and comes in classic black.
  • The Basil Organiser is suitable for use with the Basil Urban Dry Business Bag.

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