Basil launches new brand positioning eurobike 2015

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Since 1976, Dutch bicycle accessory label Basil has strived to see you enjoy your bike as much as you can. The new brand positioning brings them back to who they are, and have always been.

It all started in 1976, when Ine van Dam entered Nico van Balveren’s bicycle shop in her search for a wicker basket. Nico developed it for her and made Ine very happy. From that moment on, she could enjoy her bicycle even more. Which, in turn, made Nico very happy. Since then, not a lot has changed within the family business. Basil has continued to spread the cycling joy with an even more complete collection of bicycle baskets, bags and accessories. Made to fit your personal needs and style.

With the repositioning, Basil is going back to the brand’s heritage, encouraging you to hop on your bicycle as often as you can. On a school day, a working day or your day off. Wind in your hair, sun in your back, the new campaign celebrates endless moments of cycling happiness. From a smooth ride to the farmers’ market to a refreshing ride home after a long day’s work. The new pay-off  ‘SPREAD THE CYCLING JOY’ invites you join the happiness. After all, cycling is good for you. It’s healthy and it makes you smile.

The new brand positioning will be launched during Eurobike 2015.

About Basil
Driven by your moments of cycle happiness, Basil creates baskets, bags and accessories to accompany a carefree ride in elegant luxury. Combining premium quality, style and functionality, these durable products encourage you to hop on your bicycle as much as you can. Join the Basil happiness. Spread the cycling joy.


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