Basil Bike Bags, Bike Baskets & Bike Baskets for Dogs

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Basil KF handlebar holder - black

The Basil KF Handlebar Holder is a handlebar holder suitable for removable handlebar bags and baskets. This system is available in classic black and is suitable for many conventional bicycles and e-bikes alike.



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Distance Holder - black

Using the handy Basil Distance Holder, you can safely cycle with double panniers without them getting into the spokes of the bike. The spacer is suitable for rear mounting.



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KF Adapter plate - black

The Basil KF Adaptor plate can be attached to any KlickFix holder, making it even easier to install Basil handlebar bags and baskets equipped with the BasEasy system.



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Crate Mounting Set - galvanized

The Basil Crate Mounting Kit allows you to attach your Basil bicycle crate or bicycle basket permanently to the front or rear of your bike with ease.



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BasEasy - handlebar holder - black

The Basil BasEasy stem holder is a black stem holder suitable for attaching to the stem of your bicycle. Suitable for stems of 22-25.4 mm.



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Ahead-Stemholder KF - black

The Basil Handlebar Stem Holder KF is a black, modern stem holder made of aluminium. It is suitable for women`s and men`s bicycles.



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