About Basil


In the early seventies the former owner Nico van Balveren, at the time still bicycle retailer, started with the development and production of various models bicycle baskets.

Nico’s father ánd grandfather, were indeed both bicycle retailer. In 1976 Nico has established ‘N. van Balveren Riet Import-Export’. After a few years the name of the company was changed into the brand name BASIL. The word ‘Basil’ is a contraction of ‘van Balveren’and ‘SILvolde’ (Silvolde is the original domicile). Since 2001 the company has been taken over by Marthijn van Balveren, son of Nico.

The team

We are a small team, but we perform ‘great’: reliable in delivery date, short and direct lines, perfect logistics, an interesting price level and of course our succesfull product development with as a result an interesting, wide and attractive assortment. We not only develop our own collection baskets and bags (as shown on our site), but develop also on project basis for several well-known bicycle manufacturers.

Other activities

We also develop customermade bags, baskets and relating products, which have no direct relation with bicycles. These products are developed and produced to the specifications and wishes of the client.


Our philosophy

The bicycle trade is our main market. In this field we would like to be known as a reliable, innovative, thinking along with and progressive partner, aiming at a long term relationship.


Mailing address Postbus 29 | 7070 AA Ulft | The Netherlands

Visiting address Ettenseweg 7A | 7071 AA Ulft | The Netherlands

Company info CoC: 09086961 | VAT: NL 803.725.188.B01

Basil: specialist in bicycle baskets and bicycle bags