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Out and about by bike with your favorite pet pal

Dogs are hot! The number of dog lovers has increased significantly in recent times. Did you know that the Netherlands and Germany together have almost 21 million (!) proud dog owners? And that 200,000 dogs were added during Corona in the Netherlands alone? Also, in the cities, more proud four-legged friends are walking around, mainly smaller dogs. Our furry friend is a full-fledged member of our family, and we therefore, take good care of our dog. And of course, we like to take them with us wherever we go!

Out and about with your dog

Do you like to get out and about on your bike? Your four-legged friend loves it too. That is why the dog bike basket is increasingly popular. It allows you to go wherever you want with your dog; flexible, cozy, and a safe way to transport your dog (or cat).

The Basil Buddy dog bike basket

Meet the Basil Buddy. With it, you will never have to leave Boomer, Ollie, Luna (or whatever your furry friend's name is) at home again. Look, sniff, the wind in their hair ... give your dog the best adventures and head out together. Mount the dome and go! Spread the cycling joy with your best buddy.

De Basil Buddy is ...

  • Practical, sturdy and therefore easy to use. The basket is easy to keep clean, and the supplied MIK system allows you to click the basket quickly and safely onto your bicycle. You remove the basket with the same ease.
  • Comfortable, your four-legged friend is sitting like royalty due to the included dog cushion.
  • Safe. The safety of your animal friend is paramount, and that's why the Basil Buddy dog bike basket is fabricated from non-toxic and environmentally friendly PP plastic. Chew-proof! Securely attach your buddy using the supplied strap. Ideal when you have been to the vet or when you are cycling in the heavy traffic of the city.

Make your Buddy dog bike basket even more complete and safer

With their nose in the wind and enjoying the view, your four-legged friend will have the time of their life in the Buddy dog basket. But ... not every doggy stays put. Would you like to take your overly agile animal friend on a trip? Then complete the basket with the Basil Buddy Space Frame. This wire dome prevents your dog from jumping out of the basket.

WOOF! Here's what the furry four-legged friends say about it themselves ...

Satisfied users are obviously the best proof. That's why we had them review it themselves!

Or how about these dog bike baskets?

They may not be dubbed Buddy, but even with the Pasha or Pluto dog bike basket, you are guaranteed to head out in style. These baskets are made of wicker and available in different models.

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Will my dog fit in the Buddy?

Is your canine friend a big Newfoundlander, sturdy St. Bernard, or a bulky Great Dane? Unfortunately, that will not fit in the Buddy. Do you want to know if your doggie will fit? Do the check here!


A cat or a kitty? They can also come along!

Are you a cat lover? Good news, your furry darling will also fit in the Buddy bike basket. It is a friendly alternative to the travel case, which can be very difficult to get them into. Hint: attach the Basil Buddy Space Frame onto the basket. Handy, for example, if you have to go to the vet. Or how about a nice bike ride to the fish stall at the market? Win-win ;)

How the MIK system works

MIK is a revolutionary system that allows you to easily attach accessories, such as the Buddy dog bike basket, to your luggage carrier. You can take it off just as easily! With MIK, you can transport your dog stable, safe and comfortable. The system also fits electric bikes.

Learn more about the MIK system here

Share your #Buddymoments!

"A dog is a man's best friend." Of course, we couldn't agree more. What is better than to go on an adventure together? We are curious where you cycle to with your animal friend! Share your #buddymoments with us on Facebook or Instagram (use the hashtag #buddymoments or tag @Basilbagsbaskets). Every Wednesday, we'll put a furry four-legged friend and its owner in the spotlight. Spread the cycling joy with your animal friend :)

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Let the cycling fun begin!

Chances are that you (and your four-legged friend) are now eager to get going together. Are you searching for the perfect Buddy dog bike basket for you? Here you will find all the information about the Basil Buddy and the points of sale near you. Or check out our other dog bike baskets below.

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