Purchase information

These can be downloaded from our website. Click on PRESS on the left in the menu, then click on the desired picture and use your right mouse button to select ‘Store as…’. The pictures can only be used with Basil products.

Yes, these can be downloaded from our website. Click on PRESS on the left in the menu. You will find press releases in the right-hand column.

No, that is not possible.
However, there are a number of online stores that offer Basil products.

Please bear in mind that these are independent web stores that are not associated with Basil. Basil does not accept any responsibility for these independent online stores selling our products.

Although this is theoretically possible in the actual shops, we do not know which shop stocks which products. We would suggest that you contact nearby dealers to ask if they have your desired product in stock. If they don’t they can order it from their wholesaler.

You can find dealers on our website using the following link: http://www.basil.nl/gb/where-to-buy/

It would be advisable to call a dealer in advance to see if they have the product in the shop. Every dealer can order our products from their wholesaler quickly.

Our new brochure is available from Basil dealers or you can download one from our website via this link: Basil Collection

Please check the dealer addresses on: http://www.basil.nl/gb/where-to-buy/


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