Pet bicycle baskets

The steel space frame comes with a plastic bag containing 3 straps and a wooden pin.

Two of the straps are used as ‘hinges’ on one side. On the other side of the frame – with the protruding arch in the middle – push in the third strap. Then use a flat screwdriver to carefully create some room in the same position on the outside of the basket and pull this third strap through the gap.

Then close the buckle and push the wooden pin through.


The Pluto basket is supplied with the EDO XL oversize steering head tube holder (73022) as standard.

This is suitable for 30-50 mm tube diameters. The minimum required height is 30 mm.

There has to be enough space (approx. 30mm height) on a ROUND steering head tube to which the EDO holder is mounted. Never mount anything on the handlebar stem.

This means the angle of the bicycle frame tube in relation to the saddle is not big enough, which means the frame tube is a bit more upright. In that case the basket will not fit.

We have a different model in our collection, the Pasja with Senna clamp mount (art. no. 54004-005-006). This mount meets the current requirements for luggage carriers and fits on many different types of luggage carriers.

We have a different model in our collection, the Pasja with the so-called ‘floating’ mount (art. no. 54012-013-014). With this mount the basket is positioned somewhat further to the rear and is fastened to the saddle frame tube using saddle tube holder Elba. The minimum required height for installing the Elba holder is 6 cm. The diameter of the frame tube can be up to 35 mm (not suitable for thicker tubes).

Attention: we do not advise to use the article 70119 Basil Carrier Extender-Length in combination with the pet basket. The Carrier Extender-length offers the possibility to use double bike bags in combination with child’s seats.

  1. The Senna system is a universal clamp mount, suitable for a range of luggage carriers and different tube diameters. This system fits tubes up to 31.8 mm in diameter.
  2. The saddle tube holder Elba allows the basket to ‘float’ above the luggage carrier. This is more comfortable for the dog and by using this construction you can also suspend a basket and/or bag from the carrier. Suitable for saddle tubes of 25,4 mm Diameter. This system is not suitable for oversized frames.

The Pluto and Pasja baskets have a maximum carrying capacity of 15 kg, provided the bicycle’s luggage carriers have a minimum carrying capacity of 15 kilo (this is usually engraved on the carrier).

The SENNA system can be fitted onto luggage carriers with a maximum width of 16 cm and a minimum width of 13 cm. The two outside braces are having 3 openings so that you can adjust the width even further using an Allen key.


– the PASJA baskets are available in three sizes (40cm-45cm-50cm) and with two different mounting systems: the ELBA construction for the so-called ‘floating’ mount and the SENNA system. A matching steel space frame is available separately for each size.


– Art. no. 53006 PLUTO, wicker pet bicycle basket, oval, front-mounted, removable, comes complete with length-adjustable mounting bracket, under-basket mount, with aluminium steering head tube holder EDO oversize XL (for 30-50 mm tube diameters). The matching steel space frame 73007 is available separately.

– Art. no. 15003 DAVOS, wicker bicycle basket, rectangular, front or rear-mounted, with hooks, handle, also suitable as pet bicycle basket, natural varnish. Matching steel space frame 73006 is available separately.

Our Pasja dog bicycle baskets for the rear luggage carrier and the accompanying steel space frames are available in 3 sizes.

The dimensions of our PASJA pet bicycle baskets are:

  • smallest size = floor dimensions (L) 40 cm x (W) 32 cm highest front side 14 cm highest rear side 29 cm
  • medium size = floor dimensions (L) 45 cm x (W) 37 cm highest front side 23 cm highest rear side 31 cm
  • biggest size = floor dimensions (L) 50 cm x (W) 42 cm highest front side 32 cm highest rear side 33 cm


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