Bicycle baskets (general)

The Boston XL has a carrying capacity of 10 kg. The basket must be fixed on to the bicycle in accordance with the assembly instructions (with the bracket on the steering head and the front fork bracket that rests on the front axle). The basket cannot be used in combination with a sprung front fork.

The Rasa is suitable for, for instance, a transport bicycle with a front carrier. The basket is available in 3 sizes: 40cm, 50cm and 60 cm wide. The further the basket protrudes the more the handling capabilities of the bike are affected.

RASA - Will the baker’s basket fit on any bicycle?

A smaller wicker basket for a front carrier is the DARWIN (13011 large model and 13013 small model). Unlike the Rasa, the Darwin basket does not have a lid.

The Darwin 13011 basket has a straight back and slopes inward at the front. We changed this not so long ago, so it may be that some models in the stores still have a sloping front and back. If this is the case, you can always order an updated version from your Basil dealer.

The maximum is 5 kg; the same applies to all baskets with a holder, like: Basimply EC, Basimply EC Flower, Basimply II, Basimply Wicker, Basimply Rattan look, Berlin Luxe II, Berlin EC, Berlin EC Flower, Bremen.


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