Bicycle bags (general)

By using the Basil luggage carrier extender (70119, ‘Basil Carrier Extender length’), every Basil pannier bag can be combined with a child seat. By using the extender the pannier bag can be mounted further to the rear so that the foot rests of the seat are not up against the bag. Most seats are fitted to the bike with a saddle frame tube holder (Bobike, GMG Yepp, Polisport, Quibl) but there are also seats that are mounted directly on the luggage carrier. If this is the case you may have problems with the installation, for instance because the extender can not be fitted properly as a result of the construction of the seat.
You can also combine a single bag with a child seat (e.g. shopper or diaper bag). Use the ‘Basil Carrier Extender width’ (70120), which widens the luggage carrier.

Always be aware of the changed ‘steering behaviour’ of your bicycle (balance).

Yes, each product will eventually fade. However, we impose high requirements on the materials we use, so that the Basil product lasts much longer than you would expect of similar products. But ultimately the Basil will also fade. Because it is a natural product that is made of cotton, canvas will fade quicker than materials like polyester, for instance.

This is possible with baskets that also use the BasEasy system;
Basimply EC, Basimply EC Flower, Basimply II, Basimply Wicker, Basimply Rattan look.

That question is too general as there are so many differences between bicycles. In principle the answer is ‘yes’, but no doubt there will be bikes that have handlebars that will not take a bag or basket due to a lack of space or otherwise. However, your Basil dealer can help you!

If the bag is stained do not put it in the washing machine (!) but soak it in lukewarm water with a mild detergent. Then air-dry thoroughly.

If the products have got wet in the rain it is best to dry them thoroughly. The products must have the chance to dry in a ventilated (preferably heated) space, so that they dry completely.

All our bags have a water-repellent inner lining. However, be aware that this is not the same as a 100% waterproof bag. In most bicycle bags water can still get in, for instance in a particularly heavy shower or if the lid/flap was not completely closed. Water could also seep into the bag through the seams.

If you want your bag to be 100% waterproof choose our Forest series: these bags have welded seams, the material is 100% waterproof and the construction of the closure (roll closure) ensures no water can get into the bag. A disadvantage is the fact that the bag is not as easily accessible. These bags are also more expensive than ‘normal’ bicycle bags. However, the Forest bags were developed especially for cyclists who take their bike on holiday and cycle long distances. They are therefore not designed to be frequently opened and closed throughout the day, like the Blossom bags, for instance.

In short, the regular bicycle bags will not be 100% waterproof but more than adequate for daily use.

We advise that you let your bag dry out thoroughly if it has got wet. If you leave it in an unheated shed, in cold weather, it will probably still be damp the next day. If this continues for a number of days there is a chance your bag may get mouldy. Furthermore, dirt, water and smudges will be more visible on a coloured bag than on a black one.

If your bag does get dirty see if you can clean it (do not use aggressive detergents) and let the bag dry thoroughly. This should remedy the problem.

We have a unique rack, the ‘BasEasy Carrier Rack’ that you can fit on the front of your bicycle. All single Basil bags fit on this rack. Now you will be able to put your shopper, laptop bag or shoulder bag on the front of your bike: always in view and with room left for a pannier bag or basket on the back!

The rack is one of the ‘BasEasy family’ and can therefore be mounted with a number of BasEasy holders, which means it will fit on virtually any bicycle. The rack itself is around 19 cm wide.

The single bag has a carrying capacity of 5 kg.
The double bag can hold per bag 5 kg, so 10 kg in total. The bag must be fixed on to the bicycle in accordance with the assembly instructions.


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