BasEasy system II handlebar holder 70122

Art. no. 70122 BasEasy system HANDLEBAR HOLDER EC. This handlebar bend holder (suitable for handlebar bends of 22 mm – 31.8 mm Ø) makes it possible to mount any Basil handlebar bag to butterfly handlebars. The distance between the handlebars and the opening of the holder is around 6 cm and the angle is adjustable.

The holder is meant for handlebars that are 22 mm till 31,8 mm Ø. It is possible to create a little more room by removing the piece of cork on the inside of the two rounded corners.

For ATBs/ mountain bikes/ thicker handlebars our range includes the BasEasy system HANDLEBAR HOLDER EC 70122.

BasEasy system II handlebar holder 70122

If even the 70122 doesn’t work the BasEasy-handlebar stem holder 70103 or 70123 may offer a solution. For the mounting options of the BasEasy system handlebar stem holder 70103 or 70104 we refer to above question.


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