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Basil Steering head - two pieces – 22MM - black

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  • Basil Steering head - two pieces – 22MM - black
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This Basil Steering Head is a handy accessory, designed for mounting Basil baskets and bags onto your handlebar. This steering head comes in classic black.
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  • Thoughtful design
  • Fashionable design
  • High quality
  • Since 1976

The Basil Steering Head is a two-part kit designed for permanently securing a Basil bicycle basket at the wheel of your bicycle. This unique accessory can be used without your handlebars needing to removed first, making it a hassle-free and more convenient choice. Suitable for all permanently mounted baskets and bags, this black attachment is suitable for all frames with a diameter of 22 mm. With this essential accessory,  you can guarantee that your bike basket is permanently attached to your bike and won’t come lose while you’re riding with a heavy cargo. An absolute essential if you’re after total peace of mind and a securing system that requires less time and effort. Looking for more items from Basil? Shop for more installation accessories online, or treat yourself to a brand new or basket.


  • Basil steering head compromises a two-piece set.
  • Designed for permanent installation of bike baskets.
  • Suitable for diameters of 22 mm.
  • Allows for easy installation of bicycle baskets to handlebars.