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Innovative "Commuter Carrier" sets new standard

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Innovative "Commuter Carrier" sets new standard

Open platform MIK brings OEM the best of Spanninga, Basil, Massload and Tracefy, in one carrier

The brandnew Basil Commuter Carrier shows the top in  innovation in carriers. The  modern design language  will appeal to demanding consumers  around the world. But the designers of the carrier will expect  commuters  to fall especially in love with all the unique features you need on way to  work or home: a new way of hanging your bicyclebag on your carrier (the BASIL Bag Bar), an integrated safe and highend light by SPANNINGA, the easy to use MIK-system, the option to make your bicycle “smart” with the TRACEFY IoT system,  engineered and produced by topproducer MASSLOAD, and with a new feature which the visitors of the Taipei show must see for themselves on the Massload booth (I1301) or Spanninga booth (M0310). The only thing we can say about that feature  that the design team of the companies involved, thought of the complete commute and not only the bicycle part of it… Visit the booths, and see for yourself why this commuter carrier is the new hot thing you want on your bicycle.


The new commuter carrier is a cooperation of topcompanies in the bicycle industry: the 100 years young Spanninga (bicyclelights), Basil (bags & baskets & accessories), bicyclecarrierproducer Massload, and IoT/Smart specialist Tracefy. Brought together by the fastest growing platform the bicycle industry has seen in years: MIK.  MIK is an idea of Basil, founded and started together with Massload. MIK stands for Mounting Is Key, which refers to the strong, safe and easy to ease way to click your accessory on your carrier. Already the biggest OEM brands in the world have chosen MIK.