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Back to work: ready to cycle back to the office?

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Back to work: ready to cycle back to the office?

Your well-deserved holiday is almost at an end. You’ve had a long-overdue rest, are fully recharged and feel more ready than ever to get stuck back into work. There’s nothing better than jumping on your bike and cycling into the office. Well, at least when the weather is playing ball. For those dark and dreary mornings when the rain is falling, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. Need to think seriously about your commute? We’ve put together all the essential information you need to bear in mind when cycling into work. From raingear to bicycle bells and panniers, we’ve got you covered so you can be on your way and back to work in no time!

Basil Rainwear

Weather Alert: Good chance of rain

You’re rested up from our holiday and ready to return to the working world. You’ve got your e-bike ready and braced for the journey. Then you receive a weather alert on your phone. There’s a good chance of rain in the next 15 minutes…. Arriving at the office with a damp bag and wet outfit is something you want to avoid. A good waterproof bag for your laptop, lunch and other essentials is therefore a must. Windproof raingear will also ensure you’re all set for any weather eventuality. You’ll also want raingear that is as stylish as it is practical. Take a look at rain jackets and rain trousers from the Basil Skane and Basil Mosse ranges for some inspiration. This eye-catching raingear not only scores top marks for style, but will always ensure you stay dry as a bone as you cycle to your destination. When choosing a rain jacket, there’s nothing more important than a great fit, allowing you to travel at speed without excess fabric flapping around in the wind. Not only will you want something waterproof, you’ll also need to ensure any raingear you pick is breathable. This means you don’t need to worry about overheating and sweating beneath the fabric of your garment.

Basil Miles visibility

Safety first

An efficient e-bike will allow you to cycle to work in no time. With your hair blowing in the wind and the birds singing, there’s no better way to start the day. As a bicycle commuter, you’ll often find yourself travelling at considerable speeds. As such, safety is incredibly important. It’s essential that your bike is kitted out with good lighting, ensuring everyone in the vicinity can see you coming. This is particularly important if you regularly cycle during early mornings or late at night. Reflective clothing and accessories will also enhance your visibility and help you remain safe on the road. All Basil panniers are equipped with reflective accents to enhance visibility. Do you regularly encounter recreational cyclists on the road who can’t keep up with your speed? A bicycle bell with an audible ‘tringgg’ is definitely a must and will prevent the chance of collisions. It will also make passing slower cyclists easier. The Basil Portland bell is certainly something to consider. Not only does it provide you with added safety when cycling in traffic, it will enhance the appearance of your bike.

Too much stuff, too little storage space

You know the drill. You’re in a hurry in the morning and struggling to find the key for your bicycle key, but it’s lost in the chaos that is the inside of your bag. Once a bag has been filled with files and folders, a mobile phone, your wallet, hand sanitiser, lunch box and other must-haves, tracking down that elusive key is nigh on impossible. If you’re balancing working at home with time at the office, your bag is probably loaded with even more stuff than usual. A bicycle bag with multiple storage compartments and a special pouch for your laptop is therefore invaluable. Not only will it keep the contents of your bag organised, it will also ensure you can retrieve your favourite items in seconds. If you’re particularly concerned about the safety of your belongings, the Basil B-Safe Commuter Nordlicht laptop bag might be for you. This bag has several compartments for storing all your daily essentials, with various concealed compartments for hiding your most treasured valuables. The anti-theft construction and hidden zip also provides complete peace of mind. You can easily attach to this bag to your bicycle thanks to the Hook-On system, meaning you’re ready to ride in no time. Forgotten to charge your phone before leaving the house? No problem. This bag features an integrated USB port, meaning you can charge your phone as you cycle along listening to your favourite podcast or playlist!

If you prefer to store your items in a backpack rather than a single or double pannier, a bicycle backpack is a practical storage solution. Basil SoHo bicycle backpacks are a particularly good option. Once you’re on the saddle, you can simply attack these backpacks to your carrier. This prevents you having to wear the backpack as you ride, stopping you from working up a sweat and ensuring you remain more steady as you cycle. We would be more than happy to provide you with additional information about the safety features of our bicycle backpacks.


Ready, set, go! Have a great bike ride to work!