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Basil BasEasy Luxe Stem Holder - Handlebar stem holder - Black

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  • Basil BasEasy Luxe Stem Holder - Handlebar stem holder - Black
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The Basil Baseasy Luxe Stem Holder is a bicycle stem holder and comes in a classic black finish. The holder is suitable for stems measuring 22-26 mm.
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  • Thoughtful design
  • Fashionable design
  • High quality
  • Since 1976

The Basil BasEasy is a handlebar stem holder and suitable for all removable bicycle baskets and handlebar bags with a BasEasy adapter plate. You’ll recognise compatible bike baskets and handlebar bags by the abbreviation BE or BE/KF in their name. This particular stem holder is the more enhanced version of the Basil BasEasy Stem holder. This version has a plastic housing, a cable attachment point and is adjustable in length (with three positions). The steel strap construction is suitable for stems between 22 and 26 mmØ. This system is also TÜV approved. 


  • The Basil BasEasy Luxe Stem Holder is a real design stem holder and also TÜV approved. 
  • Suitable for stems from 22-26 mmØ.
  • Can be combined with removable handlebar bags and bicycle basket provided with a BE or BE/KF adapter plate.
  • Enhanced version